1. Hunting arm, which is transported in a car , should be always unloaded.

2. During the Driven Hunt hunters have no right to use a set-trigger.

3. Hunters have no right to shoot along the hunters-line (shot along hunters-line  means such shot, when the bullet (cartridge) is “walking” or could “walk” by a distance for less than 10 meters from the neighbour position).

4. Shots should be always given from stand-position.

5. Shooting between each particular drive in any case of a wounded by a shot or sic animal can be continued after the Master of the chase consent only.

6. Hunters are not allowed to shoot to the roe and red deer into a driving-hunt area expect for the permission given in some place by a hunting-service-man.

7. In general hunters have not right to shoot into a driving-area when the tracers(beaters) come to the hunters-line in a forest-area near than for a distance 100m or less and in a field area for a distance 150mor less.

8. Shots into a driving-area to the wild boar or fox can be admissible for a distance of 40m or less.

9. Hunters have not right to shoot into the wild-boar female.

  1.            Shooting into a driving-area to the roe buck during the close season is categorically prohibited under the penalty. Hunter who has shot the roe-buck must pay 3000 PLN  to the Forestry Management. If the roe-buck has also antlers, hunter will pay extra for their weight as in price list.
  2.            After taking hunting place, hunters can’t leave that position until the end of a drive and permission of a hunting-service-man.
  3.            The hunting arm should be up-loaded after taking a hunting-place and must be unloaded before leaving position, after the end of each drive.
  4.            Searching for a wounded by a shot animal should begin after the end of a drive and has to be agreed with the Master of the chase.
  5.            Hunters can use the rifle-scope with the max. enlargement of 3.
  6.            Drinking alcohol during the hunting and directly before is categorically prohibited.
  7.            After signing the protocol there is no possibility to make any claims.


I hereby confirm that I got acquainted with all the rules written above and I agree to obey them.