Zdjecie muflona DO zakladki  POLOWANIA W POLSCE

Hunting season:


a)    male – from October  1st to the end of February

b)    female and kids – from October 1st  to January 15th.

The moufflon, called also wild mountain sheep, came to Poland at the beginning of XX century from Corsica and Sardinia. At first moufflons occurred only on the area of Lower Silesia and Wielkopolska, nowadays the range of their occurrence has extended and is not limited to these two regions. For moufflons we hunt stalking and sitting. Hunting for these animals demands from hunters first of all good area knowledge. The moufflon is very watchful and shy, has good sense of smell and hearing, additionally is very smart and can hide quickly in bush. A 6-7 years old tup is ready for shooting.

Moufflon male:

Trophy: horns

Recommended hunting time: 3-5 days


We recommend hunting on areas:

1. Forest Inspectorate Bardo Slaskie

2. Forest Inspectorate Sokolec

3. Forest Inspectorate Jugow


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