The hunt for the Spanish ibex

The hunt for the Spanish ibex

The Hungarian Fallow deer-interviev

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Monteria-conversation with hunters


Hungary hares , writer : Tomasz Piróg

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Big driven hunting in Spain_BL 8 2013

When it seems, that for the next collective hunting season we must wait in Poland whole year and the number of animals cannot surprise us, it is worth to go for the collective hunting to Spain.

Hungarian hares_BL 8 2012


Before someone becomes a hunter, usually dreams about shooting a big boar or deer. Small game we treat marginally, because we think, that shooting hares or partridges is easy and not so interesting. All who have a different opinion I invite for hunting in Hungary.

For hares to Hungary_BL 10 2011

Hunting for hares in Poland has many centuries tradition and for years was one of constant points of the hunting calendar. Nowadays are made increasingly rare and hares irrevocably disappear from our landscape. In this situation it is worth to consider hunting in Hungary, where hares hunting is still very popular.

Hungary – hunting land of plenty_BL 8 2010

Hunting in Hungary has many centuries tradition and Hungarian preserves attract hunter from Western Europe, especially in last years.

TA NEA 18.10.2007

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