Hunting in Tunisia




Date of the trip/hunting: from 1.10 to 25.01 and one day of a rest in a hotel.


Group: the best is 8–12 hunters



Attention: to go to Tunisia hunters and their accompanying persons need passports.


In the hotel in Hammamet ****


Hunting organization:

  • Every day driven hunt on a new area with various groups of beaters.
  • All groups of beaters contain 12-15 persons and the boss of the group.
  • Departure of hunters every day between 4.30 and 00 a.m., depends on the hunting place.
  • The transport to the hunting place by off-road car.
  • 2-3 drives in the morning before the breakfast.
  • The lunch in site, a hot meal prepared on place.
  • 2-3 drives in the afternoon.
  • Hunting places are located in different distances, from 10 up to 120 km from the hotel.
  • Huntign is made in a natural environment.



We reccomend:

  • Gumboots or other waterproof shoes, raincoats, jackets.
  • 50 pieces of ammunition /per hunter.



Day 1.: arrival, receipt at the airport, transfer to the hotel

Day 2.: hunting

Day 3.: hunting

Day 4.: hunting

Day 5: relax

Day 6.: departure, transfer to the airport.


Data required for hunting organization:

* Hunter: name and surname, date and place of birth, occupation, nationality, address, passport no and the date of issue.

*Weapon: type, number, calibre, quantity of bullets.



  • The passport is needed to go to Tunisia.
  • Every hunter, according to the Tunisian law, can have one piece of weapon.
  • In Tunisia are forbidden: laser guns and automatic as well as „over 3 shots” guns (we shoot with Breneka, cal. 12 or 20,16)
  • Shooting with a pellet.
  • Animals, which you can shoot, are boar, jackal, mongoose and
  • Shooting Eurasian woodcock, deer, roe deer is forbidden under threat of the penalty and penal proceedings.
  • Hunting with snowy weather is forbidden, snowy day is not refundable neither replaced.




Group 9-12 hunters price:  1490  EURO for 3 days of hunting + 1 day of relax.

Group 7-8 hunters price: 1590  EURO for 3 days of hunting + 1 day of relax.


Additional day of hunting 350 EURO

Stay of an accompanying person with the possibility of participation in hunting:  680 EURO

Accompanying person without entering to hunting areas: 550 EUR



|Prices exclude:

  • Prices of airplane tickets
  • 90 EURO of charge for every killed boar /no charges for trophy, a piece is counted.
  • Tips 10 EURO /day/hunter (at Arabs it is necessary ) + a box of cigarettes from every hunter/day
  • 25 EUR per hunter, if hunting is made on a private area (hunting is held in 80 % on state areas)
  • Tunisians gave me the price for bullets, if someone wants to buy more in Tunisia. Bullets cost 2,50 EUR every calibre 12, 20 or 16.

*The rest of hunting value is payable in cash after arrival to the hotel, before hunting.


The price includes:

  • Weapon clearance at the airport at arrival and departure.
  • Transfera from/to the airport.
  • License and permissions for hunting and weapon transportation.
  • Tunisian insurance for hunters and beaters.
  • Accommodation with full board in the 5* hotel in Hammamet.
  • Drinks and local alcohol in the hotel .
  • Organization of hunting (dogs, beaters, transport).
  • Stay of a guide/interpreter.
  • In days, when hunters go early morning for hunting,brings a breakfast and coffee to the room/ room service in price.



Since October 1st Tunisian authorities established the entry charge, payable at the airport in the bank, about 30 dinars = 15 EURO