Hunting for boars in Belarus

Season: May – January 31st For boars is worth to come in Belarus at the beginning of the season, the best in second half of May, later at the turn of July and August on oat fields and for hunting at luring places in November, December and January. It is worth to come for hunting for excellent boars, which have often the weight over 200 kg and its trophy are usually very strong and broad, what is important for each boar hunting fan. Hunting season: boars May 15th – January 30th Travel: airplane, car, train Group:  2-4 hunters Event schedule: Day 1 Start of the event. Meeting at the airport with the organizer. Fly from Warsaw to Minsk (about 1 h). Meeting with the company representative, weapon clearance, travel from Minsk to the hunting place (about 3-4 h). Days 2-3 /  3 days of hunting Day  3 Transfer from the hunting place to Minsk. Flight from Minsk to Warsaw (about 1 h) – end of the event. TOGETHER: 3 days of hunting / 3 nights On customers’ demand is possible to increase or reduce number of hunting days in Belarus. Price offer: 3 days of staying, 3 days of hunting, all transports during hunt, board and accommodation during hunting, preparation of hunting, work of leaders and other services during hunting realization, initial trophy preparation. The price excludes:

  • cost of airplane tickets on route Warsaw – Minsk- Warsaw
  • stay of an assistant person
  • additional day of hunting
  • extra charge for a single room
  • Transport to/from the hunting place
  • Administrative costs (issue the permission for weapon importation to Belarus, office costs, visa)
  • Office costs, visa, invitation for an assistant person
  • Costs of possible veterinary clearance in Belarus
  • Initial trophy preparation
  • Costs of possible veterinary clearance in Poland (charge paid to GDOŚ -82 PLN-transfer to the account of GDOŚ  )
  • Shooting:

Pricelist Boars      . from 130 mm to 139 mm  198,00 EUR

  • from 140 mm to 159 mm  280,00 EUR + per each 1 mm over 140 mm  6,00 EUR
  • from 160 mm to 190 mm  387,00 EUR + per each 1 mm over 140 mm   11,00 EUR
  • from 190 mm to 200 mm  680,00 EUR + per each 1 mm over 140 mm  14,00 EUR
  • over 200 mm   820,00 EUR + per each 1 mm over 200 mm  17,00 EUR

        Boars up to  139 mm and other

  • up to 49,99 kg   120,00 EUR
  • from 50,00 kg to 99,90 kg   250,00 EUR
  • from  80,00 kg to 119,99 kg   230,00 EUR
  • over  100 kg   380,00 EUR

Shot trophy boar 350, 00 EUR/ non trophy  140,00 EUR PRACTICAL REMARKS: To issue visa are needed:   1.  Completed by the customer visa form (available on the web site of the Consulate of the Republic of Belarus) 2. Attached photo 3. Valid passport 4. Authorization (personal for an agency worker) for visa arrangement in the Consulate of Belarus.   The exportation of weapon and ammunition abroad by Polish citizens demands consent of a proper police authority, i.e. county (city)  police commander and in Warsaw city – regional police commander. For the permit applies the hunter personally on the base of the invitation issued by the foreign contractor. Arrangement of the permit for weapon and ammunition exportation lasts from 7 to 14 days, depends on the command efficiency. The weapon should be packed in a stiff case. According to the air law the ammunition cannot be placed in the case together with the gun. Is recommended to pack the ammunition in a metal box.   Lavniki



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