Hunting for birds



Hunting season:


a)    cocks – from October 1st to the end of February

b)    hens – on OHZ areas only

 partridges       from September 11th to October 21st

 ducks              from August 15th  to December 21st

 geese                from September 1st to December 21st  in provinces:  zachodniopomorskie, lubuskie, wielkopolskie and dolnoslaskie – until January 31st.


We organize collective hunts for pheasants and individual hunting with a dog.

We co-operate with hunting places, where live wild pheasants.


Hunting for partridges we organize in south Poland. Hunting for partridges is not easy, because partridges are known because of its self-control and perfect camouflage, so it is very important for a hunter to have a good hunting dog .


Hunting for ducks in Poland we organize near Gdansk, but we offer also hunting for ducks in Hungary on rice fields (hunting season since 15.08).


In Poland there are few species of geese, but most of them are fleeting, they appear here seasonally. For geese fans we can offer hunting places near Gdansk and areas located near Odra river, which are the best and most accessible places in our country.



We recommend hunting on areas:

1. HUNTNG FOR PARTRIDGES: hunting associations near Kielce, Busko–Zdroj, Radomsko and Opoczno.

2. HUNTING FOR PHEASANTS WITH A DOG: hunting associations near Kielce, Busko-Zdroj, Radomsko and Opoczno.

3. HUNTING FOR DUCKS: hunting associations near Gdansk.

4.HUNTING FOR GEESE: hunting associations near Gdansk and areas at Odra river.

* Here you can find our pricelist for individual hunting