Fallow deer


Hunting season:

Fallow deer:

a)    male – from  October 1st  until January 31st
b)   female and calves – from  October 1st until January 15th


Fallow deers male live alone,  join to the herd only in rut period. The rut of fallow deers starts in mid-October and lasts until mid-November. The average trophy size in Poland is 2-3,5 kg.


Hunting for fallow deers is organized in following ways:

  • sitting (morning or noon)
  • stalking (during rut)
  • drive (every time, the best in winter)
  • silent battue (2-3 beaters)


Fallow deers male:

Trophy:  antlers and teeth

Recommended hunting time: 4-5 days


We recommend hunting in:

  1. Hunting Association Bory Krajeńskie
  2. OHZ Poddebice
  3. OHZ  PZŁ Kujan
  4. Forest Inspectorate OHZ Podanin
  5. Forest Inspectorate OHZ Lutowko

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