Zdjecie do POLOWANIA W POLSCe podzakladka Jelen



Hunting season:

a)    bucks – from August 21st until the end of February
b)    roes – from October 1st until January 15th,
c)    calves – from October   1st until the end of February.


Deers live in big forest complexes with access to water, usually not less than 1000 ha, with tree stand mixed or uniform coniferous. Deers like calm, so choose staying in places, where are not disturbed by people. The most attractive hunts for deers male are in the second half of September, in rut. The way of hunting depends on area conditions, season, moment of animals biological life and physical possibilities of hunter and his hunting experience.

Ways of hunting:

  1. from high seats
  2. sitting
  3. stalking
  4. for bait in rut time.

Deer buck


Trophy: antlers

Recommended hunting time: 4-5 days



To hunt for deers male we recommend following areas:


  1. Hunting Association  Wilk Koszalin
  2. Hunting Association  Ponowa Bobolice
  3. Warsaw Hunting Association  no 2
  4. Hunting Association  Diana Sulechów
  5. Hunting Association  Jarząbek Olszyna
  6. Hunting Association  Knieja Połczyn
  7. Hunting Association  Ostoja Szczecinek

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