Hunting season:


a) boars tuskers, piglets – all season

b) sows – from August 15th until January 15th.

Boar is the most common representative of black animals. It is in abundance on the territory of Poland, but the most of boars can be found on west and north-west, where in some hunting associations there are even several hundred of boar every year. Hunting for boars is made mainly sitting or on tempting place. The reason is, that boar male has no close season. It applies only to sows. The best time for boars hunting is the full moon. Figures of eating animals at night are then clearly visible, especially in winter.
Boar is also the most expected animal during drive hunts. It demands from a hunter good shooting skills to running animals. Quick run, massive figure, thick skin and fur as well as strong body construction make the boar a difficult target. Hemmed in, when feels threatened, this animal can be really dangerous, able to attack a man and fight desperately.

For boars we hunt sitting (high seats), in tempting places or during collective hunting.

Trophy: tusks (the base for settlement is the average length of both tusks, in case when a hunter takes the whole boar head, then is taken, that the visible part of tusks is 1/3 of their total length).


We recommend hunting in:

  1. Hunting Association Nemrod Warsaw
  2. Hunting Association  Wilk Koszalin
  3. Hunting Association  Zuławy Elblag
  4. OHZ Kujan
  5. Hunting Association  Jelen Debno
  6. Hunting Association  Diana Sulechow
  7. Hunting Association  Darz Bor Milicz
  8. Hunting Association  Dab Rogowo

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