About Us Artemis Hunting Club

Poland is one of the most popular hunting areas in Europe. Every year thousands of Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, German, French, Spanish and Italian hunters visit the Polish forests to hunt bucks, bulls, mouflon, sika deer, fallow deer, wild boar, partridges and geese, as well as bison.

Poles are known for their hospitality and professionalism in the organization of hunting and – the most important – we can offer an interesting hunt at affordable prices.

For more than 10 years we offer interesting hunting adventures for our customers from all the world.

Although till today Poland is our number one amongst hunting proposals, meeting the expectations of our Polish customers, five years ago as the first we began to organize collective hunts for hares in Hungary, every year expanding our range first of Belarus and later the Spanish Monteria, where in the collective hunt during one day is obtained at least 150 pieces of big game.


Our principle is that we never send customers to places where we have not been before and the preparation of each offer is preceded by multiple trips and checking places.

If you plan to hunt in Poland, Hungary, Belarus or Spain –  only with the HUNTING CLUB ARTEMIS..
We offer the best hunting areas for a bull, buck, mouflon, fallow deer and wild hare, as well as the highest quality service and affordable prices.

Our activities are focused on customer’s satisfaction, without bureaucracy and high costs.


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